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Monticello Associates Blog Introduction

Monticello Associates is an industry leading investment consultant, providing world-class asset management consulting services for nearly 25 years. Our work at Monticello includes developing investment policies and objectives for our clients, analyzing their asset allocation and diversification, researching investment managers for client selection, providing due diligence and performance monitoring of managers, and supplying periodic performance reports. Clients depend on our ability to separate the signal from the noise and deliver unbiased advice. This guidance is utilized to position client portfolios for performance across any market cycle. Our work not only gives us the opportunity to work closely with focused endowment, foundation and individual clients, but also enables access to some of the brightest minds in the investment community.

Our research and consulting teams spend considerable amounts of time reviewing investment strategies, industry and macro trends, and market performance. These efforts often lead to research reports and white papers which we distribute and review internally. The purpose of this blog is to highlight specific content from our internal work to share with the broader investment community.

We believe readers will find the work compelling and ultimately catalyze further thought and research on the presented topic. Please enjoy.